If everyone is breathless with excitement at the prospect of what should be one of the most exciting weekends of theseason, it’s equally true they are quite simply breathless, as the high altitude of this city means that getting oxygen into ones lungs actually involves a bit of effort. However, Carlos and Daniil had no problem taking part in a 5-a-side football tournament last night, the Telcel Football 5 Game, which took place on a rooftop pitch in the city.

“It was good to play the football match in the fresh air as it helped with acclimatising, but it’s true that you feel the altitude which makes you think you are not in great shape, even if I am really,” said Daniil. Apart from our two boys, Hulkenberg, Gutierrez, Perez and Wehrlein all took part, playing with some local celebrities and footballing legend, former Barcelona FC captain, Puyol. “I stayed a couple of days in Austin after the race,” continued Kvyat. “I met up with some old friends and enjoyed the nice weather, walking around the city: easy days and nice to disconnect a bit in between back-to-back races. I also enjoyed a couple of nice burgers! I also like coming here, everyone is very friendly and the weather is a bit cooler”. The Russian driver also admitted he found that he was sleeping better since last week’s good news that he is staying at Toro Rosso for another year!

As for Carlos, the Spaniard had two of his best friends as his guests over the Austin weekend. At the start of this week, they tackled a road trip from the Texan capital to Dallas, where apart from the usual fitness training, the golf clubs were brought into action. Once over here, Carlos joined his team-mate for the football game and also paid a visit to UNAM (the National Autonomous University of Mexico) which is the biggest university in Latin America. He was there to judge the finals of the Red Bull Doodle Art 3D. What’s that? For a few years now, Red Bull has sponsored an artistic challenge and for the first time this year, it was done using some amazing 3D pen technology. The students were very excited at meeting our driver, especially as the winners get to come to the race track this weekend to see the F1 action live.

Sainz was called up for today’s FIA press conference and, on a lighter note, he was asked where his nickname “Chili” comes from. “It came from my friends; they went from Carlos to Charlie to Chilli and that’s how it ended up being,” he explained. “I don’t like chillis, this is the interesting part, that I hate spicy stuff. Yesterday I went to have some tacos and I couldn’t have them because they were too spicy.”