Because of the cancellations and postponements over the past few months, the Formula 1 calendar is constantly changing.

Taking part in this initiative aimed at entertaining race fans while the pit garage doors are shut tight, are official Formula 1 drivers, as well as influencers and other personalities from the worlds of sport, TV and the internet. They have all come together to tackle the F1 Virtual Grand Prix Series. The software platform is always the same, Codemasters’ F1 2019, Formula 1’s official video game, which is also used for our team’s official races in the F1 Esports series.

Because this game is based on last year’s championship, it doesn’t include all the circuits on the 2020 calendar. Races that would have been new this year are being replaced with other tracks. All the cars have identical performance and set-up, so speed and driving skill count for a lot. Drivers also have the option of using driver aids such as ABS and traction control.

The Formula 1 Virtual Grand Prix series is due to run until the real World Championship can start again. Here is the current virtual race calendar: Here is the current virtual race calendar:



22 March: Bahrain Virtual GP  
5 April: Vietnam Virtual GP (Albert Park Circuit)  
19 April: China Virtual GP  
3 May: Dutch Virtual GP (Interlagos track)  
10 May: Spain Virtual GP  
24 May: Monaco Virtual GP  
7 June: Azerbaijan Virtual GP  
14 June: Canadian Virtual GP