Carlos Sainz: Wow, it’s already the last race of the season, it’s unbelievable how quickly the year has gone by!
Daniil Kvyat: Yeah, and so much has happened… there were some bad times, but it’s turned out all right in the end.
I can’t wait for next season to start, but I’m also quite happy to see the end of this season. You know the feeling when you need a change… and next year there are many changes!
CS: yes, that’s true. I’m keen to have some holidays now but I know already that after a couple of weekends without a race I will want to be back on track!! However it won’t be a boring winter, there will be no time to hang around without doing anything!!

DK: Actually, I don’t know about your training schedule for winter, but I had a talk with my trainer the other day …wow, there’s really a lot to do to get ready for next year, but I like it a lot…it’s an additional challenge to face.
CS: yes, the same for me, but I’m very happy that being in good shape will make a bit more of a difference. I can’t wait….but now, let’s make the most out of this final race weekend. It’s not over yet!!
What I like about Abu Dhabi being in November is that it’s like travelling back to the summer for a week – back home it’s cold and nearly Christmas, so I enjoy a week of sun and heat in the middle of winter!
DK: you are Spanish…You don’t put up with the cold as well as us Russians, then! [He says with a cheeky laugh, as usual.] To go back to the track, the one in Abu Dhabi is typically modern…
CS: There are many 90 and 180 degree corners.

DK: You don’t sound extremely excited when you say that, but it’s true… It’s not the most thrilling of tracks, as many of the corners are very similar, but it’s still a pleasant one to drive with a scenic backdrop.
CS: Yes, I agree.
DK: It’s a circuit that’s good for racing also because it’s got two good DRS zones.
CS: Nice for overtaking, yes! And I have to say it’s a cool race weekend in general, it’s one I enjoy!
DK: Ah! I’ve just remembered! Here [he points at the space in between Turns 17 to 20] there’s a very good restaurant – you could wave to the people while they’re having dinner!

CS: What I also like is the fact that it’s a twilight race – we start when the sun is still out and then it gets darker and darker while we’re racing, it’s cool!
DK: Oh yes, I really like that too! The colour of the sun in the Middle East is really lovely – sort of orange – at that time of day. Our photographer friends can get really nice photos!

Our cameras will also be ready to capture the best moments of the final 2016 GP!
Enjoy it, guys! Give it your all!