In the end, thousands and thousands of votes created an incredible dream track, in fact your “Track Of My Dreams” Wide open corners, tight ones, long and short, fast and slow, they all featured in your votes and so today, it’s time to discover how it turned out!

1) Australia: Turns 10-11 (Along the lake)
2) Bahrain: Turns 9-10
3) China: Turns 1-2-3-4
4) Russia: Turns 2-3-4
5) Spain: Turns 1-2
6) Monaco: Turn 9 (the tunnel)
7) Canada: Turns 13-14, the Wall of Champions
8) Azerbaijian: Turns 7-12 (Mediaeval walls)
9) Austria: Turns 5-6-7 (around the Bull)
10) Great Britain: Turns 6-7-8 (Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote)
11) Hungary: Turns 4-5
12) Germany: Turns 4-5-6 (the “Curved” straight)
13) Belgium: Turns 2-3-4 (Eau Rouge)
14) Italy: Turns 8-9-10 (Ascari)
15) Singapore: Turns 10-11-12
16) Malaysia: Turns 5-6
17) Japan: Turns 3-4-5-6 (S Curves)
18) USA: Turns 3-4-5-6
19) Mexico: Turns 12-13-14-15
20) Brazil: Turns 1-2 (the S Senna)
21) Abu Dhabi: Turns 1-2-3-4

Here it is! With #TrackOfMyDreams, you have brought to life a spectacular race track. As you can see, we have joined together all the winning sections from each Grand Prix, according to their order on the calendar. From the lakeside section in Melbourne, to the Monaco tunnel, along with the chicane through the mediaeval walls of Baku, the famous Eau Rouge from Spa and Monza’s Variante Ascari, we really have got the best of all 21 tracks on the 2016 calendar. We have calculated that the circuit, including the necessary link sections, would be aproximately 16 kilometres in length. Therefore, to cover a full race distance would only require around 20 laps. Yes, we get it; you’re already comparing it to the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife!

If you want to let us know what you think of it, then just visit our official Facebook or Twitter pages. But first, this is what Daniil Kvyat reckons to it: