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The AT02 is the second car produced by Scuderia AlphaTauri. It is an evolution of the AT01, using the same chassis, as set out in the 2021 technical regulations. This year, we concentrated on aerodynamic development and the suspension, as well as improving integration of the power unit, suspension, gearbox and electronic systems.

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The chassis is the core element around which the entire car is built, with the driver's survival cell at its heart. Attached to the chassis are all the other major components; power unit, transmission, suspension, bodywork, wings, and the floor. Designed and built entirely in-house, it is homologated after passing stringent pre-season tests. The gearbox and rear suspension come from last year’s Red Bull Racing car, while we have completely redesigned the front suspension.

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The AT02 uses a new Honda PU and this year, we have worked on refining the packaging.
The key word has been continuity as this is our fourth year together with Honda.
The Power Unit consists of a 1600cc V6 turbocharged combustion engine with two electrical energy recovery systems that generate
additional horsepower which is stored in a battery: the MGU-K recovers kinetic energy from braking and the MGU-H converts energy
from the turbo exhaust gases.

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Birds need wings to fly, but turn the wings around and they help keep our car glued to the ground.
Produced in-house, all the car surfaces that are brushed by airflow; the bodywork, wings, and other aero elements
are designed and evaluated in the wind tunnel and manufactured from carbon fibre.
Work on the AT02 has focussed on aerodynamic development, using the two tokens available for a new nose.
Aerodynamic considerations have also impacted the complete redesign of the front suspension.

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The bodywork produces aerodynamic grip, while the tyres generate mechanical grip and transfer the power from the engine to the track surface.
If our car were a runner, the tyres would be its shoes. For 2021 Pirelli is supplying tyres with a different construction to last year, that are also slightly heavier, thus leading to an increase in the minimum weight of the car.
Pirelli produces five different dry-weather compounds from the hardest C1, to the softest C5. Just three are available at any one race: white banded Hard, yellow Medium, and red Soft.
Plus two types of wet weather tyres: blue extremes and green intermediates.

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dlh_tech_specs TECH SPECS

Car name:AT02
Engine:Honda RA621H
Chassis:Scuderia AlphaTauri - carbon composite monocoque
Front suspension:Scuderia AlphaTauri - carbon composite wishbones, pushrod, trackrod & upright assemblies. Red Bull Technology – suspension rockers, torsion bars and dampers
Rear suspension:Red Bull Technology - carbon composite wishbones with pullrod operated inboard torsion bars and dampers
Brake ducts:Scuderia AlphaTauri - front and rear
Steering:Scuderia AlphaTauri/Red Bull Technology - power assisted
Gearbox:Red Bull Technology - carbon composite maincase longitudinally mounted, hydraulically actuated 8 speed
Differential:Hydraulically actuated multiplate
Clutch:Hydraulically actuated carbon multiplate
Brake System:Scuderia AlphaTauri/Red Bull Technology
Driver's seat:Scuderia AlphaTauri - driver specific carbon composite
Fuel system:Scuderia AlphaTauri /Red Bull Technology
Overall weight:752 kg