Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 4.655 km
Driver: Daniil Kvyat
Car: STR11-04
Laps: 116
Best time: 1:24.737

Total laps completed (2 days): 194
Total kilometres completed (2 days): 903 km

Total kilometres completed in testing in 2016 (T01+T02+T03): 5785 km

Phil Charles (Chief Race Engineer)

“We put Daniil in the car today with the main targets to get him further familiarisation in the STR11 and to start to work the set-up around him. We have made some progress on both fronts: firstly, we have completed a number of different types of runs today (short, long, medium and high fuel) and Daniil has certainly started to look at home in the STR11 in lots of different scenarios and with varying wind and track conditions. The only small disappointment was that our running was cut slightly short with around 50 minutes of the day remaining with a car problem. However, the real positive of the day is that there were a couple of good directions unearthed during the set-up work which we can hopefully make good use of at the upcoming races.”

Daniil Kvyat (Car 26)

“I think today was a very productive and good day. We completed a big amount of laps, all of which are useful for both myself and the team. Tonight we will analyse all the data we’ve gathered and we will already be able to use this valuable information in the next events, starting with Monaco. Barcelona is a very good track to test at and a lot of the work we got done today will hopefully work on the car as we expect. All in all, it was quite an important day for myself today, as being able to get time in the STR11 was essential, and I now feel much more confident and ready for Monaco.”