Circuit de Barcelona–Catalunya
Driver: Daniil Kvyat – Car: STR14-02
Best time: 1:19.464 – Laps: 77

Daniil Kvyat (Car 26):

“It was a productive day today and it’s good to be back behind the wheel. We managed to do quite a few laps, which is important on the first day of testing to get some mileage under your belt so you can see how the car behaves. It’s too early to draw conclusions, but i think we have a good baseline for now and we need to keep working on that. Every time we were on track it was smooth running, and everyone was operating at a high level. I have another three days in the car which gives us the chance to improve on the things we worked on today, so we will look over the data to see which direction we will take on wednesday. I worked with my new engineers and we all understood each other well straight away. It was certainly a good start.”

Jody Egginton (Deputy Technical Director):

“It is good to get back to the serious business of testing and start to understand our new car. We end today having started down the road of achieving this and as always we are starting to answer questions but also generating new ones at a similar rate! With the cold conditions early on, we worked through a programme of some basic tests before moving to longer runs as the morning progressed. In the afternoon, we also conducted a series of longer runs that has allowed us to get our first view of the chassis, pu, and tyres over longer runs in reasonably stable track conditions. In this respect, i think it’s been quite a good day, although we have lost some time in the garage with a number of small niggles which means we have a few tests and test items to carry over into day 2. On the pu side, it’s been a smooth test today with the honda guys working through their program in a systematic fashion so, in this respect, it’s business as normal. It’s day 1 of the 8-day winter test program and there are still many experiments to conduct, new parts to evaluate and boxes to tick before melbourne. We will stay focused on the task in hand with alex stepping into the car for what will be his first full day of testing in a f1 car, and we are confident of making more progress with str14, and alex, tomorrow.”


Toyoharu Tanabe (Honda F1 Technical Director):

“Today we carried out basic function checks on the 2019 specification pu, with both our teams. It was a trouble-free day on the pu side, which is a positive start to the test. As this is our second year with toro rosso, we have further developed our working methods together and we can expect to operate at a higher level this season. We hope to continue this good momentum over the remaining seven days of testing.”