Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya
Driver: Daniil Kvyat – Car: STR14-02
Best time: 1:18.682 – Laps: 101

Daniil Kvyat (Car 26):

“I would say we had a decent day of running, we ran some useful test items and got some good laps on the board. Of course, you always want to do a few more laps but we had a couple of small issues here and there, it wasn’t anything major, although the time adds up. In the end, it was a productive day and that’s the most important thing, we got to test many useful items so now we’ll focus on the next day of testing. You can’t look too much into the timesheets as everyone is on a different programme of testing but i’m feeling quite comfortable with the car. We got through almost everything we wanted to test today and we have a lot of useful data that i’ll go through together with my engineers. I have one more day left in the car and we will make the most out of it before heading to melbourne.”

Jody Egginton (Deputy Technical Director):

“Dany took over driving duties today for the second day of test and he stepped through the standard block of aero tests early on, without any fuss or delay. As the temperature increased, we moved the setup forwards as planned and also ticked off a number of background test items. In addition to the red flag, we unfortunately lost some track time later in the morning due to a couple of small issues which we now need to address for tomorrow. Having said this, we have increased our understanding of the car’s setup today and we are looking forward to applying this to the final two days of winter testing.”


Toyoharu Tanabe (Honda F1 Technical Director):

“This was the trickiest day of the six days of testing so far because, for various reasons, we did not get quite as much track time as we would have liked. Nevertheless, both our teams completed more than 100 laps and it was another day without major issues on pu side. We will now use the remaining two days of pre-season testing to complete our planned programme prior to the first race.”