Sean Gelael (Car 38):
“It’s good to be back driving with Toro Rosso, they’re a great bunch of guys and it’s a nice car, obviously! Straight away I could notice the difference between last year’s car and the STR13, there’s much more grip! Today it has been a little bit unfortunate for us because of the issues we ran into, but I learned a lot and the team still has a lot of important data to analyse. It’s a shame that we couldn’t do more laps, but that’s racing and we hope tomorrow will be more productive.”

Jonathan Eddolls (Chief Race Engineer):
“We came to this test with an extremely busy and extensive plan, with lots of items to sign off to try and improve our understanding of the car and performance going forward. We had Sean Gelael in the car, so it’s great to welcome him back for his first run in the STR13 and beginning his testing duties for us. The morning got off to a good start, we were doing some aero mapping work, some further tyre understanding, and a little bit of setup work. Unfortunately, towards the end of the morning we had a failure on an oil radiator which caused a very big oil leak, and as a precaution we decided to change the power unit. The mechanics did a great job in getting the car turned around and back on track. Since we had planned to complete performance runs in the afternoon, Sean wasn’t able to set a representative lap time. In the end we only got out with 20 minutes to go, we had an installation lap before a red flag disrupted our run limiting us to two laps. It was quite disappointing that such a simple issue with a radiator effectively lost us half a day, so we didn’t get all of the running that we would have liked. Since we didn’t get all of the work done that we wanted today, we will need to go through the test plan tonight and look at all of the items to prioritise the most important ones for tomorrow.”

Masamitsu Motohashi (Honda F1 Deputy Technical Director):
“Our programme for this two-day test involved assessing some new ideas on the PU side. Unfortunately, today’s track time was limited as we had to stop running in the early afternoon to change the PU. This was done as a precautionary measure, as we felt a chassis issue detected on the car may have damaged some elements of the PU. All the same, we got some useful data from the 50 laps completed. The Toro Rosso and Honda mechanics did a great job to allow us to get Sean back out on track towards the very end of the session and this meant we were able to check that everything is okay and set for what we hope will be a more productive day tomorrow.”