Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya (4.655km)
Car: STR13-05


Driver (am): Sean Gelael (Car 38)
Best time: 1:20.763 – Laps: 83

“It was a long session this morning. I stayed in the car a lot and completed 83 laps! It was really fun, especially because yesterday, sadly, we had much less running. I’m really happy with today, I think the team had interesting ideas and developments, so that should hopefully be valuable for the upcoming races. It was a pleasure for me to contribute with a lot of race simulations, hopefully the testing items we ran will be successful and will make the car quicker!”




Driver (pm): Pierre Gasly (Car 10)
Best time: 1:19.410 – Laps: 39

 “It was a quiet afternoon for me. We did 39 laps because we had a couple of issues, so I didn’t have a lot of running but we still managed to test a few things and get more answers to try and find the right direction to improve our package. I think we found some interesting results and now I am fully focussed on Monaco, I’m excited to go there for my second home race!”


Jonathan Eddolls (Chief Race Engineer):

“After a difficult beginning to the Barcelona test, the team re-grouped and responded with a fantastic start to the second day of testing. Due to the limited running yesterday, Sean drove for us in the morning and completed a number of high priority test items. The main items covered were a mix of aerodynamic testing and characterisation, cooling evaluation, tyre testing and a number of mechanical setup tests. We scanned quite large changes with the aim of understanding the full operational envelope of the car and we have found some very interesting directions which we need to analyse and explore further. It was really the first time Sean got to do proper running in the TR13 and he was up to speed very quickly. It’s good to see that his feedback on the car was well aligned with our race drivers. Pierre took over in the afternoon, starting with some short runs with aerodynamic rakes fitted, but unfortunately we had an issue with the steering on the car, which took quite a while to change, so he didn’t get out properly until 4pm. From this point onwards things ran smoothly and we covered the plan by shortening the runs somewhat, so we still managed to gather all of the required data. To sum up, although we had a couple of small issues over the two days, we still managed to cover all of the major test items we had planned. We are coming away with some interesting setup directions to consider and a lot of data to go through over the coming days”.


Masamitsu Motohashi (Honda F1 Deputy Technical Director):

 “This has been our first chance since we were last here in Barcelona back in March, to be able to test ideas without dealing with the pressures of a race weekend and as such it has been useful. Over these two days, on the PU side, we worked mainly on energy management topics, evaluating how best to balance power between each component. Now we will apply the lessons learned in future races.”


Total laps completed (2 days): 172
Total kilometres completed (2 days): 800 km

Laps completed by SG: 133

Laps completed by PG: 39

Kilometres completed by SG: 619 km

Kilometres completed by PG: 181 km