The Frenchman hits 24 today. “I’ve got no special plans for what I might do today,” he said. “I’ll just spend it with my family and some friends.” Asked to choose the perfect gift for himself, it’s clear that Formula 1 is never far from his thoughts. “If I could choose one present it would be to get a call from James Key saying they’ve made STR9 lighter and found 20 points of downforce!”.

As for Daniil, he says farewell to his teenage years on Saturday, as he will be twenty years old tomorrow, but clearly life as a Formula 1 driver is exciting enough, because he has no thrilling ideas for celebrating the start of his second decade. “I don’t have any particular plans, other than having dinner with friends, but anyway, I like to keep my private life a bit private. The best present I could have? It would be to hear that Michael Schumacher is out of the coma.”