Driver: Sean Gelael (Car 38)
Best time: 1:19.046 – Laps: 122

“It was a really long day today, 122 laps after the 109 laps I’ve done for Pirelli yesterday! We ran some interesting tests throughout the sessions, a lot of it was focussed on the aero and a couple of performance runs in the hot conditions which we were able to get a lot of data from. Hopefully, all of the information we gathered over the past two days will help the team for the second half of the season.”

Jonathan Eddolls (Chief Race Engineer):
“It was great to welcome Sean back into the car for the first time since T03 in Spain, he drove our car yesterday but that was for a Pirelli tyre test. He took over the testing duties after Brendon yesterday. We had quite a lot of aero mapping and aero rake work this morning, so we had several large aero rakes on the car to gather data to correlate to CFD and wind tunnel. We completed those first before getting into some aero mapping runs. The second half of the morning we completed some performance runs for Sean, we ran on the Ultrasofts and moved onto the Hypersoft tyres. The Hypersoft was quite an aggressive tyre here, so even by the last sector the tyre had started to give up. For the time of the day, the lap times were reasonably competitive. Across those runs we were trying some further mechanical background tests following on from the successful tests we did yesterday. Moving into the afternoon, we fitted a third rake on the front brake duct to measure the front wing wake, and then we did some Soft tyre runs which focussed on some new suspension components. It’s the first time we have run those on track, so we spent a number of runs carrying out system checks and then performance runs for good balance. At the end of the day we had a couple of Medium tyre runs, where we tested some more engine mapping work, and across those runs we tested some further mechanical setup work focussing on the front end of the car. It has been a very busy seven weeks of testing and racing, with some more challenging than others, but everyone in the team across the factories in Faenza, Bicester and Honda have been pushing throughout to the maximum and the result in Hungary race showed we are not giving up the fight! I would like to thank everyone in the team and also Honda for giving 100% through the first half of the season, and I wish everyone a well-deserved two-week break to come back refreshed to continue the fight for points in the second half of the season.”

Franz Tost (Team Principal):
“These two test days after the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend were very important for Toro Rosso because we had a lot of different test topics to cover. We have been focussing not only on the aerodynamic aspects but also on the mechanical side of the car. It was an unusual post-race test as we have been running two STR13s: one car to complete a standard test session for the team, and the other which was allocated specifically to complete the Pirelli test. We covered most of the mechanical tests on our plan yesterday, and we completed the list this morning when Sean carried out many test items which were useful for the aerodynamic department as well. Today, Pierre and Brendon shared duties for the Pirelli tyre test, taking the wheel from Sean, who was able to cover 109 laps for Pirelli yesterday.We finished our fourth test of this year with 248 laps in total, which means we could fully cover our programme for this two-day test in Budapest. We didn’t complete any low fuel runs or qualifying simulations in order to concentrate on our aerodynamic development. It’s now in the hands of our engineers to analyse all of the data we’ve collected, to get the best out of the car for the second half of the season. We will also use the findings from the test to work towards building next year’s STR14. I would like to thank all of the race team, especially the engineers and mechanics, because the last few weeks were really tough for everyone. I wish them all a nice summer break, hoping they will recover, recharge the batteries, and come back highly motivated for the second part of the season.”

Toyoharu Tanabe (Honda F1 Technical Director):
“This has been a useful and productive two-day test. Like all PU manufacturers, we do a lot of work on the test bench, but there is no substitute for actually running on a race track.Honda PUs completed 499 laps in total, including the Pirelli test car, which is a distance equivalent to 2,186 kilometres and we believe the data from that will help us make our next steps forward.The first half of the season is now over and I appreciate the hard effort made by all the members of the team so far. We are now looking forward to enjoying a short break from work before returning to racing in Belgium.”