How did the Virtual GP go for you?
I went through all sorts of emotions and I was happy to have been able to take part in the Virtual Chinese GP. I must admit it wasn’t easy, but I want to thank the team, because thanks to the professionalism of the people who helped me I was in really good shape to take on this challenge.

Did you ever think you’d get the chance to take part in an official virtual F1 race?
Absolutely not, I would never have thought it possible!

What do you think of Esports and events like the Virtual Grand Prix?
It’s fascinating, just for the opportunity it offers. For example, it meant that I, a great F1 fan, could race against real champions from this discipline without having to go on track. I think the impression you get about this world is also linked to the passion that it evokes. For example, I really like video games, so I find all this very interesting.

How did you get into video games?
I’ve played them ever since I was kid, both me and my brother starting when we were at a very tender age.

Are you a “sofa” player or do you also play on the telephone when out and about?
I play using some pretty serious kit! (laughs)

Do you also like football games: have you ever used them to study game strategy and then replicate it on the real pitch?
Honestly no. In fact, it’s the opposite in that I play the game the way I’d play on the pitch.

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