It’s definitely a good feeling that boosts your self-confidence – something Daniil experienced once again in Singapore last time out!

Daniil, you did a very good race in Singapore, enjoying some good battles and showing a good performance. This has brought your smile back…
DK: Yes, definitively… I had so much fun out there, it’s difficult not to smile after that race!

One of the highlights of the race was your battle with Max Verstappen. You put on a very good and exciting show: how did you enjoy that?
DK: I enjoyed it a lot! I loved the battle with Max. I kept him behind for two stints even if he had a faster car both in cornering and straight lines. The STR11 was in a very good shape and we looked after our tyres properly.

We think it’s fair to say that this kind of battles are very good for the fans but also for the drivers involved, as this is the true motorsport spirit, isn’t it?
DK: Absolutely! A Grand Prix like the one we had in Singapore is a race that makes you remember why we are Formula 1 drivers, why we love what we do. I can tell this race made me hungry for racing and attacking again, and that’s just what I did until the very last corner of the Marina Bay Street Circuit. I left my soul out there and I enjoyed every single lap of the race.

Unfortunately, Carlos didn’t manage to finish in the points as he was involved in a crash at the start and he had to pit earlier… but still, it was good for the team to get back to where we were used to being: how do you feel about that?
DK: We, as a team, had some tough races due to our deficit in terms of straight-line speed. We needed a good race to re-gain some confidence in our potential. I, as a driver, feel that my confidence is back as well. I believe in myself and the team: we can do good things together, for sure. I have to be thankful to everybody, as the car was great all weekend in Singapore and they’ve never stopped supporting me.

What can you tell us about the STR11?
DK: We now have a better understanding of what is going on with the car. In Singapore we saw a clear picture of where we are in terms of performance. Of course the Malaysian Grand Prix will be a tough one for us, but we will try and get the most out of it.

What about your own batteries? What did you do straight after Singapore?
DK: After Singapore I would’ve liked to have had a bit of free time in Thailand for example, before facing the humid heat of Sepang, but I went back to England for a session at the simulator to get ready for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Everybody knows you are a bit Italian by now, also from a “football” point of view: What do you think of Rome’s start to the Serie A season, your favourite football team?
DK: As far as I’ve seen they had a good start in the Serie A: I think they’re currently in the top 4. But I hope they can do even better soon: we’re still at the beginning of the season. It’s just a shame they’ve been knocked out from the Champions League so early. But I think they can do well in this year’s Europe League!