It all starts on Wednesday 11 September with the first three races of the championship. The 20 official Esports drivers will go head to head in the usual venue, GFinity Arena in Fulham, London, to race the Bahrain, Chinese and Azerbaijan GPs. It follows the same procedure as a real GP, with Free Practice, Qualifying and the races. The races are run over 25% of the real race distance and points are allocated according to the same system we have in Formula 1, including the extra point for the fastest lap in the race. The other rounds take place on 2 October and 6 November, before the grand final on 4 December, taking in 12 races overall. You can follow all the action on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch and it’s bound to be very exciting.

F1 Esports 2019 Pro Series – Calendar:

  • Event 1 – September 11 (3 Races)
    Bahrain – China – Azerbaijan
  • Event 2 – October 2 (3 Races)
    Canada – Austria – UK
  • Event 3  – November 6 (3 Races)
    Germany – Belgium – Italy
  • Event 4 – December 4 (3 Races)
    Japan – USA – Brazil

Finalists in the Formula 1 Esports Pro Series are chosen after a very long selection process, with on-line qualifying having taken place earlier this year, with over 109,000 players from around the world, and these include many professional race drivers who have taken a shine to virtual racing. As this new category continues to grow at a great rate, qualifying for 2020 is already open. If you want to have a go at being one of the best, all you need is a copy of Codemasters’ F1 2019 to try your hand as follows: currently Q3 is underway, running to 9 September. Those who qualify in the first three events, will now move on to the Challenger Series, tackling real races on-line, moving one step closer to the 2020 Pro Draft – the event to select drivers for the coming F1 Esports season. But there will be two more opportunities during the year: Q4, running from 30 September to 13 October and finally Q5, from 4 to 17 November. If you think you can give the F1 Esports Pro Series champions a run for their money, this is your chance to qualify and take part in the 2020 Pro Draft. It’s the only way to get picked to race for one of the official teams in the virtual F1 World Championship!