2020 Formula 1 Grands Prix

2020 Formula 1 Grands Prix

Discover the 2020 GPs!

For any self-respecting motor racing fan, a Formula 1 Grand Prix is something special, which makes a race weekend truly unique and creates a special adrenalin rush.

If you can get to watch it at first hand, in a grandstand or the exclusive surroundings of the Paddock Club, rather than from the comfort of your own home, each F1 GP is a truly great mix of sport and entertainment all rolled into one.

As we embark on the world championship’s 71st season, the sport celebrates its 70th anniversary in style running from Melbourne on 15 March to Abu Dhabi on 29 November: there’s one brand new event as Vietnam becomes the 34th country to host a Formula 1 GP, while the Netherlands returns to the calendar with the Dutch GP at the iconic Zandvoort circuit.

The endless succession of races takes our team on a world tour for over 200 days, with just a two week summer break in August, as demanded by the regulations. Here are all the Formula 1 Grand Prix dates for this year: