In the last few days, in an initiative organised with our friends at Red Bull Italy, Guillaume Dezoteux, our Head of Vehicle Performance at Scuderia AlphaTauri delivered three on-line lectures for engineering students at the universities of Naples, Catania and Milan.

For those in Catania, Guillaume tackled the theme of “F1 Car Testing and Trackside Management”, with a focus on performance engineering, simulation and analysis. For students in Milan and Naples, he talked about the “Formula 1 Hybrid Power Unit” The first topic covered management and optimisation of an F1 car’s on track performance, while the other looked at what makes it tick, the hybrid power unit made up of Turbo V6 internal combustion engine with two electrical energy recovery systems. The on-line lessons were a great success and a total of around a thousand students attended, asking plenty of questions in the Q&A session that followed.

F1 Virtual university lessons with Scuderia AlphaTauri

“This was a quiet week, something unheard of in the world of motorsport, so I was able to share my knowledge of Formula 1 and explain what the Vehicle Performance Group did”, commented Guillaume Dezoteux. “The many questions and the high level of interest from the students and lecturers was exceptional and proved once again that Formula 1 is a fantastic communications vector for innovation and cutting edge engineering. Of course, it would have been nice to meet the people face to face to see their passion at first hand, but I have to say these on-line lessions were still a great success and involved a lot of people in a very efficient way.”