Engineering students and graduates from Portugal, Spain, France, Poland and Italy have just finished the first phase of their work experience in our Faenza factory, under the supervision of our expert staff. After the first few weeks in the classroom, now its time for the Job Rotation phase where they will get to grips with actually working in various departments, so as to acquire an understanding of the whole process and the complexity of producing and developing a Formula 1 car. They will be divided into groups and instructed about every part of the design, production and build of each individual component that goes into our cars.

While the selection for the “Production” positions is still ongoing, this month, our 23 young engineers begin their work experience at Toro Rosso. One noteworthy point is that among them will be Leonardo and Annalisa, the two “Muner” graduates who have just finished their internship at Toro Rosso and, having passed the Formula Future selection, thus have the opportunity to continue their professional training with us. It is an example of the continuity that exists between our recruitment and training programmes and the value of the virtuous circle that has been created by Scuderia Toro Rosso, Randstad, the Universities and, above all the youngsters that are the root of our company policy and are the lifeblood of our team. One big figure emerges from all this, that since 2015, around 50% of those who went through the various editions of Formula Future, are still with us today!