The Stewards decided both men were at fault of causing an accident, giving both drivers a reprimand. Formula 1’s return to France did not produce a weekend we would remember with pleasure. It was a frustrating few days from start to finish. Actually, that’s not quite true as Friday began well, showing that we had some pace, with Pierre in the top ten in both sessions. Even then however, our difficulties began as there was a problem with Brendon’s Power Unit and the subsequent changes involved him starting from the back of the grid. Naturally, along with Ocon and Grosjean, Pierre was the centre of attention and he had a very busy week. The action started quite early for our Frenchman, on a go-kart track on Wednesday, at an event hosted by Red Bull France. Then even more adrenaline at the wheel of a Honda NSX, which he was given for the whole French GP week.

Back on track, when qualifying came round on Saturday, we knew our Kiwi was starting from the back and in a very close midfield, Pierre was unable to make it to Q3 and had to settle for fourteenth. 14 was to be our number this weekend as Brendon made his way from the last row to this position and that’s where he was when the chequered flag came out. We had been briefly optimistic that a forecast for rain might help our chances in the race, but unfortunately, it arrived with accompanying thunder and lightning some time after the event, making life very difficult for all the teams as they began the rush job of packing up before tackling the 1100 kilometre drive to the Red Bull Ring, where we take to the track again this coming Friday.