Let’s do a little resume of the previous choices: the part of Australia’s Albert Park you liked best was the section including turns 10 and 11, a slight curve but a long one which runs alongside the lake. Next stop was Bahrain and at Sakhir you opted for turns 9 and 10, which is actually the first DRS Detection Point. Lastly, in China, it was Shanghai International Circuit’s most recognisable section that caught your eye, namely the sequence through turns 1, 2, 3 and 4, which follows the start/finish straight and spirals around curling back on itself.

And now we come to Russia, so which bit of track will get the most votes? The long corner after the start that subjects the drivers to high lateral G forces, the many 90 degree corners or the quickest sections? It’s down to you, have a look at the track map, click above and follow our poll over the course of the weekend…as always we’re waiting for you on our Twitter account.