It’s one of the gears from the hydraulic longitudinally mounted geabox fitted to the car we raced in our third year in the sport. It was powered by the Ferrari 056, a normally aspirated 2400cc V8. The parts come straight from our stores in the Faenza factory and they are numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

These components were actually used in races, so they are a true part of our history and have done plenty of miles with our drivers, whom you have watched from the grandstands or at home. And to give you an idea of just what these parts have had to deal with, at Monza for example, over a race distance a driver would make around 2000 gearchanges. There is a limited number of these components, so hurry and click on the banner below to acquire car parts of our Formula 1 history!



The STR3

These gears are part of a transmission designed in Faenza by the Scuderia Toro Rosso engineers. They are a key component in the parts that put the engine power down on the road. In this case for the 2008 car which finished sixth overall in the Constructors’ Championship. That was the year of our unforgettable win at Monza on a rainy Sunday in September.

F1 car parts STR3 Monza by Scuderia Toro Rosso

Sebastian Vetttel had started from pole and dominated the race all the way to the chequered flag! The third car we produced had a carbon composite monocoque, carbon bodywork, a 2.4 litres, a 90 degree V 8 cylinder, 32 valves, fitted longitudinally in the car.

The STR3 made its debut when the season was already underway, the team having started 2008 running an updated version of the previous year’s car, the STR2B, which was used for the first five races, from Australia to Turkey. The STR3 made its debut in Monaco and was immediately in the points with Vettel, who finished a strong fifth.

From then, it really got in the groove with a lot of points finishes, which in those days only went down to eighth place, with the highpoint being that win in our home GP. Owning one of these components means you have a car part of one of the greatest moments of Formula 1 from the modern era!