At Scuderia Toro Rosso, the international nature of our workforce means that there will be cheering for several teams, with Italy in the majority of course, but with Spain, the UK and France also featuring. As for the drivers, it’s France and Russia of course. “I’d like to see France do well in these championships, but I don’t think they have much chance this year,” reckons Jean-Eric Vergne. “Who can win? I think the South American teams must have a “home” advantage and Brazil look favourite if they continue to get lucky decisions like they did last night!”

Daniil Kvyat will naturally be cheering for Russia but his Italian side will also support the Azzurri, after all the time he has spent in Italy and his passion for A.S. Roma. “I think we have a good chance of doing well in the group stages and I’ll be watching our first game against South Korea on Tuesday. Our weak point is that the captain Roman Shirokov has been ruled out with a knee injury.”