However, only one of our cars saw the chequered flag in Budapest, and as our Team Principal Franz Tost looks back at the first part of the year, making sure we get both our cars to the finish is our priority for the remaining nine races still to come after the summer break. “To score points you must see the chequered flag and our main problem is reliability,” says Tost. “We have a really good chassis, we have two high-skilled, young but mature drivers. Unfortunately our reliability isn’t as good as it should be, because from twenty possibilities to see the end of the race we managed only to do it eleven times. That means nine non-finishes and with this high figure you cannot expect to finish in a position which is our goal – fifth position in the Constructors’ Championship.”

If the work goes to plan and our engine partners make progress then that fifth place might still be on the cards come the end of November. “At the beginning of the year I thought we might be in a position to challenge for a top five position in the Constructors’ championship, having seen the figures from the wind tunnel and also the results of testing,” recalls Tost. “And now I still tend to think we can do it, especially after our strong result in Budapest, as there are now only 8 points separating us from the team that is P5.”

From people within the sport and from the media, the STR10 chassis has come in for a lot of praise this year. “It’s true, the aerodynamics is working very well and in some of the high speed corners, it has been proved that the car is almost as good and sometimes even equal to the Mercedes,” admits Tost. “During these first ten races we have unfortunately left quite a few points behind due to reliability issues. If it wasn’t for this, we would definitely be further up in the Constructors’ Championship, but we continue to work hard with our partners to improve this and come back stronger in the second half of the season. We are all very motivated because sooner or later the good results will come. Max 4th position in Hungary proves that we are working in the right direction. It’s true that there have been mistakes on our side and there is certainly room for improvement in many areas.”

Our rookie driver line-up continues to impress us. “Both of our drivers have done a fantastic job and that is partly because of their commitment to Formula 1,” continues Tost. “They have a really positive attitude and Formula 1 is their life, which is clear from the fact they are in constant contact with their engineers, they spend a lot of time working on their physical condition. They are always asking questions and they have a strong work ethic. Formula 1 is their passion and that’s the best route to success. I would say they are one of the most competitive pairings we have seen at Toro Rosso. Their learning curve is very steep.”

It’s not just the engineering side and the drivers that are making the difference: for much of the past few years, our Faenza facility has looked a bit like a permanent building site, but now another new building is due to be finished at the end of this month. “That means the working environment has also improved, because all the engineers are under one roof and we expect better communication, better co-operation and at the end a better performance”, maintains Tost. “Over the past four years we have built up a good infrastructure in terms of facilities and manpower. We have improved a lot under the technical leadership of James Key and have a strong team in all departments, on the aero side, design, vehicle performance and also on the engineering side at the race tracks.”

So what can we expect for the rest of the 2015 season? “In Budapest, we saw what is possible on a track where power output is not so decisive, although it is disappointing that again we had a reliability problem on Carlos’ car, otherwise he could have finished right behind Max. As for the rest of the year after our summer break, the Spa and Monza circuits will not suit us so well unless we can have a thunderstorm during the races! Tracks like Singapore and Abu Dhabi will be better for us, but let’s wait and see. We will continue to push as hard as we can to reach our goals.”