Carlos Sainz:

“I enjoy racing in Hungary. Just like they did in Austria this year, the circuit in Budapest has also been resurfaced, so all our references will have to be reset. You arrive at Turn 1 at high speed, so you need to brake hard – from 300 to 80kph in about 80 metres. You then get to Turn 2, where you always experience some understeer, which makes it difficult to turn the car into the corner. Turn 3 should be flat in qualifying and Turn 4 is a very high-speed completely blind corner taken in 6th gear. Turns 6 and 7 form a very slow chicane, followed by a medium-speed and then a high-speed one. So this is a section formed by three chicanes that progressively get quicker and our car should be good here. The last three corners of the circuit are difficult, all in third gear. The second sector is the most interesting and enjoyable one to drive. I also think that our car should be strong here, so I’m looking forward to the weekend.”

Daniil Kvyat:

“The Hungarian track is an interesting one. The braking going into Turn 1 is heavy, while at Turn 2 you need to brake while you turn, which can mean some front-locking if you’re not careful. Turn 4 is a tight but high-speed corner, while Turn 5 is another corner where you have to brake and turn at the same time. After this come three chicanes: the first one is tight, the second is a bit faster and the third is a high-speed one. At Turn 12, the long last corner, you need to use the whole track on entry. My favourite parts of this track are the high-speed sections – Turns 4 and 5 as well as Turn 11. The key to going quickly here is to get into a rhythm and let the corners flow into one another, which makes it a fun lap to drive. But in the race, it can be frustrating as overtaking is pretty difficult, which means qualifying well is very important at this event.”