(V. Liuzzi during 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix)

The rules of the day stated that the bottom five teams from 2005, which effectively included Toro Rosso, could run a third car and driver on the Friday and we entered the Swiss Neel Jani in this role. The first ever official race drivers for our team, were the Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi and the American Scott Speed. They qualified 15th and 16th and finished 11th and 13th on Sunday.

(RBR2 and STR1 Launch, Bahrain 2006)

We were running V10 Cosworths as a concession from the FIA, while the rest of the field had switched to the new V8s. It soon became clear the V10 was pretty powerful and the other teams objected. It really seems like only yesterday.

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