DK: Sepang… What memories! The first time we went there it was our first ever races in our lives in Formula BMW!
CS: Yes, that’s correct! It was a special time for us…
DK: We also had our first nice little battles on track, driving side by side at Turns 1 and 2…! So I have a lot of good memories of us racing there, as teammates.
CS: Yes, this was back in 2010, our debut in Formula BMW. It was also during a Formula 1 weekend…
DK: I was a bit nervous!
CS: Especially because it was in front of all the F1 people…
DK: Pressure already!
CS: We were 15 years old, I was also nervous.
DK: Then we went back to race in Malaysia a month later and we were already very fast drivers… I won two races that weekend, and Carlos, you won another two!
CS: Yes, our first ever wins in our Formula BMW careers… Boom!

DK: Sepang is an interesting track. As we already saw in 2010, the first two corners offer a good opportunity for racing and overtaking…
CS: The start there is always exciting as you can take different lines and go very wide into braking…
DK: …Or very tight!
CS: What I’d point out is that they’ve resurfaced the track this year, so the amount of grip might change a bit and let’s see how it goes with the Soft compound over there.
DK: It’s also very hot, like in Singapore.
CS: Wow yeah, I remember that last year, the track temperature for the race was 64 degrees!
DK: Yeah, you could cook a fried egg on the tarmac! [They both laugh]
CS: But it’s still not as tough as racing in Singapore…
DK: That’s right, I agree, because the straights are longer and you have a bit more time to relax, it’s not all corners and more corners.

CS: So I’d say Malaysia is the second toughest race, after Singapore.
DK: It will be a challenging race, so let’s see what we are capable of. The only negative part for us this year is that maybe Sepang has too many long straights…
CS: Yes, that’s true. We really like the corner sections like Turns 1 and 2, 7 and 8 or the section that goes from Turn 9 to 14… But not the long straights!
DK: We should build chicanes halfway through every straight! [He says with a giggle!]

It would be nice, eh?! Anyway, having chicanes or straights, nothing changes… Their race mode for Malaysia is ON!

Full Grand Prixview HERE.