It will make for a hot time in the cockpit of the STR10s of Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen, but the guys who will really feel the effect of these torrid conditions are the mechanics, working in a confined hot space, made even hotter by the heat coming off the cars and the tyre warmers. While some of the most modern circuits on the F1 calendar have experimented with airconditioning the garages – a tricky proposition as the garage is always open at the front and back – here in Hungary we don’t have that.

So the team has made its own arrangements to make our guys a bit more comfortable, buying in some extra fans to blow air across them. It’s not just the people, it’s also the equipment: anyone who has felt the air coming out of their desktop computer will know what that feels like and keeping the whole IT network cool for Toro Rosso and our friends at Renault is a critical task here on the outskirts of Budapest.

Everyone’s thoughts here in Hungary are with the family of Jules Bianchi, who died last week from the injuries he suffered in last year’s Japanese Grand Prix. All the cars and all the drivers will carry tributes to the late Frenchman over this, the final race weekend before the summer break, which runs for two weeks from Monday 3 August.