Having been met by Team Principal Franz Tost, the delegation was shown several key areas of our Faenza factory. They began in the Operation Room, the remote garage from which Vehicle Performance engineers can follow and support the team’s efforts on track over a race weekend. Our guests were particularly impressed by the huge amount of data on the monitors, which went some way to explain how important is all the detailed work that goes on behind the scenes of a Formula 1 race weekend. Next was the Lamination department, where our cars’ carbon composite components are manufactured. The final stop on the tour was the workshop where the President was able to admire one of our cars close up.

Franz Tost and Stefano Bonaccini were in agreement on the strategic role of schools and universities in achieving excellence in the areas of technological and industrial innovation. It explains why, for several years now, our team has run the Formula Future project, an advanced technical training programme aimed at providing jobs within our organisation for technical, scientific and engineering graduates and students, as well as being part of MUNER, the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna. This initiative is strongly supported by the region as a way of training the auto engineers of the future. Tost and Bonaccini went on to reaffirm their common commitment to investing in industrial and technological innovation with the aim of seeing more growth in the entire Motor Valley and the motor sport industries based in the Emilia-Romagna Region.