In this morning’s FP3 Max was hampered with a technical problem, nothing serious, even though his session was therefore cut short and he was only able to go out on track again at the end of the session, when it was raining much harder… That’s the reason for his P20. Carlos posted a competitive time which saw him end the session in P5, his favourite number!

Qualifying was due to start at 13h00 but conditions wouldn’t allow it. Then came the long, long wait, until it was finally called off at 16h00. The many fans that attended the circuit today were unfortunately not able to enjoy a lot of track action because of the rain, but at least we made sure we kept them entertained! We started by getting both Max and Carlos’ dads to jump in their F1 cars, and we can tell you they were very keen to stay there and go for a drive – especially Jos, who actually said “okay, I’m jumping in the car, but then I’m not going to get out again!” While it continued to rain, Max and Carlos kept busy, playing some bowling with Red Bull cans, fishing…  

Other teams also made a good effort to entertain the fans who were seated in the main grandstands opposite the pits. Sauber started a Mexican wave in their garage and later pulled a couple of mechanics down pit lane in an improvised “canoe.” The Williams boys all sat in a row outside their garage pretending to be crewing an 8 man skiff and a Force India mechanic proved to be incredibly good at break dancing. Our former drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat risked the rain in pit lane to perform a well-rehearsed “dance.” Who said a non-track action session was boring?! F1-amazing!

See you for an action-packed day tomorrow… If the rain gives us a break!