Brendon had a day in the simulator in Milton Keynes and also found time to go Bouldering (indoor rock climbing) before heading back to Monaco where the mild climate meant cycling was on the Kiwi’s agenda. As for Pierre, he spent time on the Wednesday in Sao Paulo playing tennis with Charles Leclerc, but we didn’t find out who won!

It might be old fashioned and a bit chaotic, but the Autodromo Carlos Pace is still one of the favourites on the calendar and reflecting the popularity of the sport in this country, there was a host of Brazilian ex-drivers in the paddock, including Emerson Fittipaldi, winner of the first ever Brazilian GP to count for the world championship, as well as Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa and Alex Ribeiro.

As for the track action, “lack of pace” more or less sums up our Paulista weekend, even if the single lap samba worked reasonably well for us in qualifying with Pierre getting into the top ten and Brendon just missing the cut out of Q1 by fractions. But over a long run, the performance wasn’t there last weekend. Rain had been forecast and to be honest, we would have loved a wet track to jumble things up on Sunday, but it never materialised.

The season might be coming to a close but the work continues at the same pace as ever: Pierre rushed back to Europe for a day at the factory, before heading off to the simulator and then he’s hoping to catch up with family and friends in his home town of Rouen. He and Brendon will then be heading off for the 21st and last race of the year, the day-night Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.