It’s been a very long season: 21 races, including the final showdown in the Middle East this week. During every Grand Prix this year we’ve asked you, through a poll on our official Twitter account, to choose your favourite parts of each circuit. We’ve received many, many votes and, believe us, the track of tracks that we will soon be revealing is a very long and varied one, which includes the best of each of the circuits on the Formula 1 calendar.

Once you’ve selected the winning section regarding the Abu Dhabi GP, we will also disclose the layout of your #TrackOfMyDreams to Carlos and Daniil and see what they think of it. In order to do this, we’re anticipating our polls this week: you can already take part in our poll regarding the Yas Marina island track. Below is the map, study it well and click on it… Let us know your opinion!

And, as usual, here’s a list of the most voted sections during the previous 20 races:

1) Australia: Along the lake between turns 10 and 11
2) Bahrain: the double turn 9-10
3) China: the never ending sequence 1-2-3-4
4) Russia: the quick bit 2-3-4
5) Spain: right at the start with turns 1-2
6) Monaco: the tunnel
7) Canada: Turns 13-14, the Wall of Champions
8) Azerbaijian: Turns 7-12 (Mediaeval walls)
9) Austria: Turns 5-6-7 (around the Bull)
10) Great Britain: Turns 6-7-8 (Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote)
11) Hungary: Turns 4-5
12) Germany: “Curved” straight 4-5-6
13) Belgium: Turns 2-3-4 (Eau Rouge)
14) Italy: Turns 8-9-10 (Ascari)
15) Singapore: Turns 10-11-12
16) Malaysia: Turns 5-6
17) Japan: Turns 3-4-5-6
18) USA: Turns 3-4-5-6
19) Mexico: Turns 12-13-14-15
20) Brazil: Turns 1-2