What is Red Bull’s new F1 Energy Station called?
Simply put – it’s called ‘the Red Bull F1 Energy Station’. However, we’re nicknaming it ‘the F1 Holzhaus’ (translation: Wood House) due to its construction of sustainably sourced Austrian wood!

When did the idea to build a new home come around?
The building was commissioned by Red Bull in July 2018 (shortly after the MotoGP Holzhaus made a guest appearance at the Austrian Grand Prix). It’s first build was at the Salzburgring on 2 April 2019.

When do we get to see it?
The new F1 Energy Station will debut at this week’s Spanish Grand Prix, and will appear at nine European races in 2019.

 How big is it?
The new F1 Energy Station is 27 percent larger than the old one – 32m long, 14m wide and 11m high.

  • 1221m2 total space composed of:
  • 436m2 ground floor
  • 410m2 first floor
  • 375m2 roof top

How is it assembled?
A crew of 25 will build the structure in 32 hours and take it down even more quickly.


What else have you got inside it?

  • 26 Red Bull coolers
  • 59 TV screens
  • 32km of cables
  • 417m³ of sustainably-sourced Austrian timber
  • 211m² of artificial grass carpet
  • The kitchen will serve 100 kilos of pasta, 120 kilos of fish and 180 kilos of meat at every race