On Wednesday night at London’s Gfinity Arena, the Toro Rosso Esports Team continued its strong presence in the virtual world of sim racing, finishing on the podium in all three races. The highlight of the event came when both Toro Rosso drivers, Patrik Holzmann and Frederik Rasmussen, shared the podium in Race 4 at Paul Ricard, finishing second and third behind series leader Brendon Leigh. With one event left on the 17th of November, Toro Rosso Esports Team currently sits second in the Championship with 137 points, trailing leaders Mercedes by 71 points.

Frederik Rasmussen [Denmark]:
Race 4: P3 (15 points)
Race 5: P2 (18 points)
Race 6: P3 (15 points)
Driver Standing: 2nd – 87 points
“Today was very good overall, I finished on the podium in all three races so it was a big points haul, now we have a big gap to third in the Constructors’ Championship. The first race was kind of messy as I was pushed off track a bit by Brendon. I thought it should have been a penalty but after his appeal the Stewards thought differently. If it was a penalty we would have finished first and second, but still, we took away a lot of points today. I’ll put in a lot of laps and hours to practice for the next event to continue our strong form.”

Patrik Holzmann [Germany]:
Race 4: P2 (18 points)
Driver Standing: 7th – 30 points
“I feel great; it was a brilliant day for the team scoring so many points! We kept the Championship alive as we’re still in second position, so there’s still a good chance to win it in the final event. For me it was a great day, I finished P2 in my first race which was P1 for a couple of hours until Brendon’s penalty was revoked. That was a bit painful, but second is still great with Frederik in third for a double podium. After that my team took over racing duties and they performed brilliantly, so it was a great day. We have four races left which we will split at the next event, we will have to see in practice who performs well at each track and figure it out then.”

Cem Bolukbasi [Turkey]:
Race 5: P4 (12 points)
Race 6: P6 (8 points)
Driver Standing: 11th – 20 points
“For the team it was a very good day. Except for the first race, we only lost a few points to Mercedes who are our biggest opponent for the Championship, and we extended our gap to third place. It looks like it’s going to be Mercedes vs Toro Rosso in the last event, and there’s four races left with double points in the final race, so it should be good fun! It was great to drive again having missed out on the first event, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while, it was a good day finishing P4 and P6, but the next event should be even better because we’ve prepared really well. I think the only thing we’ve lacked was the boot camp, if we figure it all out for the next event we should be able to beat Mercedes. Except for Spa I think we were faster, so we’re on the right path for sure.”

Team Standings:
Toro Rosso Esports – 137 points, Pos. 2nd