So at Pirelli’s request we were back for a final day of track action, a day which actually broke all the records as the longest ever day of Formula 1 testing as there were no stoppages. Well, even if there were no official breaks, we did all stop for lunch. And to mark the occasion, Pirelli actually invited everyone round to their hospitality and very Italian it was too! It was much appreciated by our guys as it felt just like home.

Apart from all the Italian dishes offered by our Milanese partners, there was one very new and special one, in the shape of the brand new Ultrasoft tyre, available in a few different specifications. Apart from the usual Soft and Supersofts, the test of the new tyre was a blind one, with no one aware which specification of this new compound they had on their car. There were no coloured bands or sidewall codes. So it will be down to Pirelli, on the basis of feedback from the teams, to decide which type will be used next year.

For the record, Carlos did 56 laps, the best in 1.46.995, while Max completed 54 laps, the quickest in 1.45.849. It was a long day for both our drivers, as they said their final farewell to their first ever Formula 1 car. There was an end of term feel to the day, mixed with a touch of sadness and the desire to get back on track again in a few months time. They’ll be just as determined, more experienced and still very young, but no longer rookies.