CS: “Definitely! After the weekend in Russia I flew back to Faenza to spend some time with the team, before going back home to see my family, as well as doing some work on the sim. I’m smiling and I feel good. I started training again straight away, as soon as I got home.”

MV: “It sounds very similar to my week! I’ve also trained, been on the sim and spent some time with my family and friends. I also went to Hockenheim at the weekend for the final round of the DTM, it was great fun! Now it’s our turn to go racing! [He says with the biggest of smiles on his face, as usual]

So, what do you think of Austin?

MV: “I have good memories of Austin, as last year I did a Friday practice session there and it was all very exciting. It’s a great track, with a lot of elevation changes and fast corners… I really enjoyed driving there.”

CS: “I don’t know much about Austin because I’ve never been there and only driven it on the sim. The track looks amazing and I think I will really enjoy it there, especially the first sector which looks very fast. From what I’ve heard, it’s one of the best race weekends on the Formula 1 calendar. The whole city gets involved with F1 and I’ve been told there are some really good steakhouses…

MV: “Ah yeah, we always love a good steak…!”

CS: “And wait until we get to Mexico – I remember when I went there earlier in the year for an event with Red Bull I ate some really good Mexican tortillas… Okay, it’s something I won’t do as much this time as I am on a diet during race weekends, but maybe on Sunday night we can have some!

Hey, guys, guys… Also talk about the racing and the track, enough food talk, you’re making us hungry! ;D

MV: “Well, I’ve never been to Mexico. The track over there is new for everyone – I’ve only driven it on the simulator – so it will be very challenging and a completely new experience which I’m looking forward to. Hopefully the track will suit our car.”

CS: “Yeah, and as its new nobody knows much about it really. While I was there the track was still being built, but it looked very good, especially the part of the stadium, it looks pretty interesting. I really like the city, I look forward to visiting it again!”

Not long to wait now… Let’s go boys!

Last but not least: the new Carlos and Max’s #ToroRossoComics! To be continued in Mexico…