Esports: get to know our drivers better

Published on 24/10/2019

The 2019 F1 Esports World Championship has reached its mid-point, so what better time to have a quick chat with two of our three official drivers. Cem Bolukbasi and Patrik Holzmann, who have taken part in the six Pro Series races held so far at London’s Gfinity Arena. They tell us about their training routine and what life is like for an F1 Esports racer.

Strange as it seems, the real and virtual racing worlds are ever more intertwined and Cem explains how he went from racing on track to virtually and vice versa. Patrik underlines the importance of keeping one’s emotions in check when you are in the spotlight of the TV cameras, racing in front of a large crowd at the Arena, which is a very different environment to the comfort of home, where our drivers usually train and race.