Published on 30/04/2014

In less than four days’ time, tens of thousands of runners around the globe will set off on a history-making journey in a simultaneous race for charity in 32 different countries. The World Run’s goal is to raise money for Red Bull’s Wings for Life charity, which funds research into debilitating spinal injuries.

Runners of all ages and abilities from 136 nations will take part in the first-ever Wings for Life World Run: the top prize will be an extraordinary month-long trip around the world for the best male and female runners. This is no ordinary charity run as there is no set distance to run. A “chase” car will set off in pursuit of the runners and when the car passes you, that’s your race done and a shuttle bus will be there to take you back to the start. The race takes place all over the world at the same time, starting at 10h00 UTC, which means that in some parts of the globe this will be a night event. If you have already decided to run with us, in one of the 32 countries, what about your goal? Have you already set one? If not, just do it here.

At Scuderia Toro Rosso, we are going to be part of the event and a group of us will be running, starting at the nearest point to our Faenza headquarters, which is Verona. Thousands are expected to take part and if you want to join you can still sign up on-site, so you can turn up and run. You can check the race track’s website of your preferred location for details about timings, registration area and details about the on-site registration.