True, we have not reached the critical parts of the weekend, Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s race, but it always helps if you can have a good Friday. Our performance was particularly puzzling, because the characteristics of the Yeongam track should have suited our car, so it’s now up to the engineers, with the help of feedback from the two drivers, to tease that performance out from where it’s hiding. They’ve got plenty of data to work with as our two drivers completed a combined total of 93 laps of the Yeongam track today and the two cars ran trouble free throughout.


There was talk of a typhoon heading our way, but the radar shows it has opted to go to China instead and we are still enjoying very warm and sunny weather here at Mokpo-On-Sea, even if the forecast is for rain on Sunday. One man has dominated the day: Lewis Hamilton was fastest in both sessions in his Mercedes, followed on both occasions by championship leader Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull. Third this afternoon was the Englishman’s team-mate, Nico Rosberg.


There’s no point in denying the fact that this race is not in everyone’s top ten F1 venues, but the Koreans are certainly pleased to see us, with the Governor of the region coming to visit us in our hospitality area to thank us for coming and at the main entrance to the paddock, they have placed a banner thanking Bernie Ecclestone for bringing Formula 1 to South Korea.